A heart centered resource for self realisation and alignment to love.

Would you like to experience a greater sense of peace, love, and clarity?

Would you like to awaken to greater levels of you that are beyond your human self.

Would you like to live in this world and have a greater alignment to love?

Take that step forward your heart has been waiting for.

Clarity of the Heart is a 3 part foundational resource that is designed to help you open and awaken your heart. It will help you realise your Infinite Self, and align yourself to love. No matter who you are or what you do, in short it will add more clarity and love into every aspect of your life. Experience more heart centeredness, release emotional and life blockages, and to allow your true self to be embodied and expressed in your life.


What can Clarity of the Heart do for you?

Assist you in opening your heart    Learn open your heart open during challenges    Awareness and release of limitations    Greater Emotional Mastery    Transform your entire being with your heart.    Awareness of an Infinite Self    Healthier Relationships    Increased ability to respond to lifes challenges.   
Increased Self Awareness    Powerful Heart Opening Meditations    Material has enduring value    Greater experience of peace and love.    Support through a private Facebook group    Clarity to who you are   


Core Practice and Tools

This section is comprised of various tools that are designed to open your heart, increase your clarity, and help you awaken to who you are. Included are meditations that are energetically potent transmissions that emanate from deep within your heart and out into your immediate space. These are heart centered spaces that can assist you in harmonious transformation, peace, clarity of being, love, guidance and self realisation. With daily use these can profoundly impact and heal and shift your life. These are designed for people of all levels of meditation experience, there are files with guidance, minimal guidance, and silence (pure energy transmission).

Clarity of the Heart includes the powerful resource Sacred Spaces.

Awakening to the Infinite Self

This section focuses on self realisation, an awakening your infinite nature, that which is natural, boundless, and is the effortless ever present truth of you. Through the exploration and recognition of this Infinite Self it becomes easier to align to the peace, freedom, awareness, stillness, and love that you are. It will help you see reality as it is, you will have a greater awareness to see through all the stories you run through your life, and then see what is beyond all the stories.

Aligning to Love

Here we ground clarity and love by understanding the nature and wisdom of  beliefs, emotions, thoughts, actions and manifestations. Each of these are explored in terms of their function, and the wisdom they offer so you can have greater clarity and love-based perspectives. A powerful process to discover limiting beliefs is included and to handle the challenges of life.


“Thank you Ermond for beautifully leading me on a deep journey into the heart. It is very easy to surrender and drop into very deep levels of awareness in the heart with the support of Ermond. He creates a special space for this connection and healing to occur” – Vanessa

Ermond Machica

The Author

With over a decade of daily meditation experience, years of seeking, many transcendent experiences, the unraveling of countless old beliefs, the witnessing and healing of anxiety, various deep emotional wounds, learning from various teachers, years of surrendering to his heart and the universe at large,  Ermond chooses contribute to the well being of all. In recent years his focus is on helping others see the love and harmonious growth when they tap into their heart. He believes it is through knowing how to hear and work with the infinite intelligence and energy of the heart, we can create greater, peace, love, and abundance in each of our lives and our civilisation as a whole. Currently he focuses on putting the teachings, energy, and practices of the heart with all who choose to tap into their true divine nature.

"Lets open our hearts and awaken to the love that is inherent throughout life. You are the love that you seek, you are an infinite being, you are love itself. Let us realise this and share this with the world." - Ermond