Awakening to your Infinite Self

The purpose of this section is to help you awaken to your infinite nature.

There is no separation between you and life. This section is about seeing through the filters of separation and awakening to yourself through direct experience rather than only through conceptual ideas. The pointers and guidance will help you be aware of who you are and what life is, rather than who you think you are and how you think life is. Beyond the filters words, definitions, beliefs, memories, trauma, emotions, thoughts and every level of mind, here in the now is the pristine untouched essence of life. Filters act like blinders, blinding us from the infinite nature of life and the greater truth of who you are. It makes us focus and identify on limitations and impacts on how one knows their self, how you create your life, your potential and how much bliss you feel. With the clear pointers provided in this course, you will have more clarity on life and the true infinite nature of life begins to reveal it self.

The next several sections contain a mixture of explorations and information for you to explore. This is simply one way to explore who you are, this is not the only way. Its important to use what resonates and what doesn’t simply discard it.

At first the exercises can seem like preschool information at first, although I assure you the information presented is not one to skip. Take your time as you progress through, each page can require time to integrate or even have clear experience of what is mentioned, you do not need to rush through. Its recommended to not just understand the exercise and information but to know it in your experience and let it become your own realisation and wisdom.

Thank you for taking a step forward in love and clarity, for your clarity doesn’t just benefit you but it benefits everyone as there is no separation.

Lets Begin!