and thank you for taking a soul enriching step forward in your heart.

Where to start?

Start with the Heart Centered Meditation which can be found within Core Practice & Tools (blue section). This meditation is a staple to Clarity of the Heart and in some respect if you can truly sink and master that meditation you will know everything written and mentioned here.

After you are familiar with the core practice, we recommend beginning with Awakening to the Infinite Self. If you are already aware of no-thingness, pure awareness, non-duality, oneness, we still recommend beginning with Awakening to the Infinite Self. However if you are more drawn to the contents of Embodying the True Self, you may start there.

You can move through each section at your own pace, remember there is no rush, and it is best to let the information sink within you. Move forward when you feel you are ready and when you know the information rather than it being a concept you understand.

Feel free to message Ermond through an email or through the Facebook group if you have any questions.

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