Aligning to Love

Hello and welcome to ‘Aligning to Love’.

The previous section was about awakening to the Infinite Self. Even if we’ve had a taste of something beyond, or have been aware of your infinite nature for a ‘long time’, as long as you still have the experience of the individual there is room to align the individual to the infinite.  This section is about having more clarity about the key layers of your individuality so you can align, live, and share your true nature of infinite love ever more. We will look into the key layers of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions, and learn about their general nature. We will also look at how each layer can play out in a disempowering and empowering way in our everyday lives. Included are tools and processes that will help you create clarity and positive change in your life.

May you remember who you are, embody your true self evermore, be immersed with love and be the change you wish to see in your world.

Lets Begin!